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7 tips for a successful kitchen remodel

Just as you have to study for a test in order to pass it, you need to do your homework in order for a kitchen remodel to earn an A+. There’s no textbook that’ll tell you exactly how to remodel your kitchen. But we’ve got seven tips to help you achieve a successful kitchen remodel.…
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How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

For many of us, the kitchen serves as the heart of our homes. Sometimes the heart needs a little work. But that work will bring a lot of joy for years to come. In a 2019 survey by the National Association of Realtors[1] , U.S. consumers expressed enthusiasm about kitchen remodeling projects. In fact, 85%…
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Creative Storage Solutions

The utility of a kitchen is equally as important as gorgeous aesthetics. Our designers have tons of creative bells and whistles to meet your storage requirements. Below is a top 10 list of creative storage solutions: Roll-out Trays  A wide variety of full-extension roll out trays are available for base cabinets and wall pantries. You’ll…
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Top 6 tips for preparing for a kitchen remodel

The results of a kitchen remodel can be delightful. But getting to that point can be daunting. You can ease the stress by following these six tips for preparing for a kitchen remodel. 1. Set a budget If you’re doing a DIY kitchen remodel, establish a budget before you grab any demolition tools. Figure out…
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How To Care For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

So, you’re getting all new kitchen cabinets. You’ve been dreaming of this moment – when you finally get that update that your kitchen so desperately needed. You can wait for your cabinets to be beautiful and functional. But do you know exactly how to care for your new kitchen cabinets? To keep your cabinets in…
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The Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know

There are hundreds of different variations on kitchen cabinet styles out there for you to choose from. There’s choices in hardware, bells and whistles, colors, and all sorts of variations on a theme. With all the ways that you can choose to get your cabinets renovated, you might be feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we’re here…
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Here’s Exactly How To Plan Your Cabinet Remodel

What’s the most important part of a kitchen? When you walk in, you might look at the color scheme, the layout, and the style of the entire space. But the focal point that draws it all together, and the first thing that meets the eye? The kitchen cabinets. When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you…
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7 Kitchen Design Trends in Austin for 2020

Trends come and go, but one trend never goes out of style: keeping your kitchen up to date. So, what kitchen design trends are capturing attention in 2020? They’re as varied as the appliances, dishes and utensils in your kitchen. These days, more and more homeowners are sprucing up their kitchens with their own style …
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