Countertops made Simple

Our Cabinet IQ will help you create a solution that fits your budget and desired aesthetic. With many styles and materials to choose from, we can tailor a solution that is durable, functional and truly unique.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are man made engineered stone slabs comprising 94% – 96% crushed quartz and 4-6% binders. They have the features of natural stones and are of exceptional functional capability. They are available in several colors and patterns and enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. The main benefit of Quartz countertops are they are stain resistant and can handle heat well.

Granite Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are made from granite, a product natural stone formed from volcanic magma and mined from the earth. Granite kitchen countertops offer a timeless style and elegance to the kitchen with an advantage of durability and longevity. Their natural beauty makes them a great choice for any home.

Wood Counter Tops

Wood Kitchen Countertops provide a functional, warm work area in the kitchen. Wood Kitchen Countertops are constructed in flat grain (plank style) or edge grain (strips). The flat grain construction highlights the grain of the wood. The planks can vary in width from 4″ wide to 14″ wide and are hand selected to be the most uniform in appearance. Edge grain highlights the color of the wood countertop, and is often used as a chopping surface as well.

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Why Choose Stone Countertops?

More Durable

Natural stone countertops are strong and resistant to heat, chipping, and water. They do not get damaged like their wooden or Formica counterparts. So, choose stone countertops for your kitchen in Austin to experience the durability they offer.

Higher Resell Value

Properties that have stone countertops installed in their kitchens or baths are priced higher than similar properties without stone countertops. They increase the worth of a property by offering a higher resell value.